Yes! - You can easily earn $100,620 part time from your kitchen tablewith this fun and exciting home-based internet business...

"Turn Your Interests, Hobbies,
Passions, or Knowledge Into A 
Six or Seven Figure Income!"

That's right -- we'll give you EVERYTHING you need
to know in order to quickly start bringing in 
5 figure per month paychecks!

NOTICE: (This 8 Week Training Program has never been released outside of a $2,000 per person private coaching program...until now.)

Location: Dallas, TX
From the desk of Scott Boulch


Dear Friend,

I'm not sure how you found this letter today -- perhaps you arrived by referral from a friend -- or perhaps you are simply tired of the barriers that prevent your online success...

And you're ready to kick down those freakin barriers and finally make some real money online. Well, guess what?

It wasn't very long ago that I was in the exact same situation that you are in today. I was trying my hand at everything under the sun, looking for the one thing that would enable me to make a real living outside of the daily 9-5 grind.

Something that would give the enjoyment and lifestyle that I kept seeing everyone around me enjoy. You name it, I tried it.

After more failures than I can remember, I picked up the internet marketing bug.

I found some success here and there and made a few bucks, but every time something really started to click and begin moving in the right direction, a couple weeks later I'd wake up and it would be gone.

The search engines all the sudden changed their algorithm, or an advertiser that I was providing leads for decided they didn't need my leads anymore.

It was maddening. Work, work, work....and then back to square one. Surely it had to be easier than this. Other people were making it happen, and I knew I was just as smart....or smarter...then they were!

What the heck was I doing wrong?

For the life of me, I just couldn't figure out how to build a REAL business online that was sustainable for the long term. I was sick of  the "flash in the pan" opportunities, and the chasing of the "next big thing"... and wow was I sick of big boxes of DVD's that I couldn't make it through in years...

I Knew There Had To Be Something That I Was Missing

That's when I decided to do some serious investigative work. I knew that if I was ever going to figure it out, I had to go to the source, and find out first hand exactly what other successful marketers were doing that was making them so much money.

So I began to do research on all the "Big Names".

I studied their businesses and tried to understand the way they were structured, and the inter-workings of their marketing strategies. I reached out to many of them, attempting to have a conversation with anyone who would talk to me.

I got a lot of doors shut in my face, but was able to get the attention of several really bright and successful online marketers. The information I began to uncover turned out to be pure gold.

It wasn't long before the light bulb went off in my head. I was hearing the same thing over, and over, and over again. The conclusions I was drawing from my online research of the most successful businesses out there, and the information that was being shared by all these successful business people, was the EXACT same thing.

None of these businesses were using the "hit and run" strategy of simply selling a single product to a passer-by, and then moving on to the next potential customer.

They weren't collecting a lead, and then sending it off for someone else to cultivate into a long term customer. They were all doing something much different...much smarter...much more lucrative...and incredibly brilliant!

Now listen -- this isn't about me withholding the 'secrets to your success' and getting you salivating through the use of mind bending copy and subtitles... no I am about to lay out ALL my cards on the table for you.

I want you to see exactly what has worked so well for me, and for so many successful people that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I'm confident you'll then see for yourself how this can take your future in a completely new direction. A very exciting and profitable direction.

So -- back to the profitable marketers I alluded to earlier -- no they were not just whacking customers for one quit hit sale and walking away...

They were all building relationships with every single customer they encountered. They understood the lifetime value of these customers, and knew they didn't need millions of "passer-bys" to be successful.

All they needed to do was develop a loyal following from a smaller, devoted group of people who were interested....even passionate...about the products, services, or information they had to offer.

They had moved away from the "Transactional Income" model, and were focused entirely on  the "Relationship Income" model.

It all began to make perfect sense to me.

For a better illustration of what I mean, click the image below to play the video:

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Relationships Are How Money Is Made Online...

The Internet moves so fast sometimes it's hard to keep your fingers on the pulse of what is happening online.

Just when you are starting to get a grip on what the whole Web 2.0 thing really means, we're already hearing about Web 3.0... Web 4.0... and Web insert the next number here...

Anyway you look at it, all that is "static" is rapidly becoming "dynamic". People want to interact with share their thoughts, give their advice, show off their photos, and share their audios and videos. 

This dynamic shift is already having a profound effect on the way business is being conducted online, and will completely re-shape the way all future online business takes place.

Let's face it, the days of creating an ebook, slapping up a little website, and kicking back with the thought of getting rich one transaction at a time are long gone my friend. No, people want more these days. 

They want to get to know the people they do business with, have conversations and build relationships with them. They don't want to send an email out into the abyss and wait for days for an answer. No way. They want what they want...and they want it now!

As you may have recently heard, this is indeed the "Attention Age". 

Those savvy business people who understand this, and proactively respond to what the new age web surfer wants can write their own ticket.

They will realize that building and nurturing relationships are what it takes to earn massive income on the "New Internet" , and as a result, they will rake in obscene amounts of money.

Those who don't...well, they will be out on the streets looking for jobs or trying to fake it.

So exactly how do you go about building these relationships, and what secret strategy do you use to create a devoted following?

You may have already guessed it...


Membership Websites

A concept that is so simple and uncomplicated, yet so incredibly powerful and profitable.

Finding this answer was a discovery that would forever change the way I would approach online business, and one that has transformed my life to a new and WILDLY prosperous direction.

Membership sites are responsible for putting 7 figures in my bank account over the last couple of years...more money than I've ever made in my life... and not only that, they are responsible for numerous, priceless relationships and friendships that would have never materialized without them.

Several of these relationships have developed into lucrative business ventures and income opportunities in and of themselves. It just keeps expanding and getting better and better every single day...

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The Numbers Don't Lie But They Will Make You Smile -- A Lot!

It really is amazing how profitable a simple "little" membership site can be for you and your business. In fact, think about it this order to make $100,620 per year, you only need 300 people paying you a measly $27.95 per month! That's all!

Who would have thought you could earn such an incredible income from so few members? Well, you CAN -- and what's more, this really isn't as hard as you've been led to believe.

Let's take a look at a possible scenario:

Month Members Monthly Price Monthly Earnings Yearly Earnings
1 50 $27.95 $1,397 $16,770
3 150 $27.95 $4,192 $50,310
6 300 $27.95 $8,385 $100,620
12 600 $27.95 $16,770 $201,240

(*NOTE: As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual effort. See Earnings Disclaimer)

These numbers are actually very modest income estimates. You may have a site that charges $49.95 per month....or $97 per month, or more...and you may be able to attract even more members than this...a lot FASTER.

Now you might be saying, "That sounds great, but I have no idea where to find 300 members for my membership site.... I don't even know where to find the first 50!"

You know what, I completely understand because that's exactly what I used to say before I realized just how easy it is to find thousands, tens of thousands....even hundreds of thousands of people who are fanatical and passionate about their topic of interest.

I'll even prove it to you!

Lets take one of the most ridiculously obscure micro-niches you could ever think of, The Society for Creative Anachronism! In case you're wondering just what that is...

Well you're not alone. If I had to bet, I would bet that not 1 in 500 people have ever heard of The Society for Creative Anachronism. But, do you think you could find those 300 members we were talking about in a tiny micro-niche like this?

Let's find out!

Click on the image below to play the video...

When you take time to really think about it, and take a hard look at the numbers, you'll see that making the kind of income you've been dreaming about, is actually much more within your reach than you thought.

There is simply no faster or easier way that I know of to generate a passive income of five figures per month or more...every month...than with membership websites.

Earning a six figure online income (scalable to 7 figures) doing what you love, is not only doable in a very short period of time, but actually much easier than you've been led to believe.  

An Easy $10,000 A Month?

I strongly believe that, given the right know-how, framework and foundation, anyone can easily make at least $10,000 or more every single month with a membership web site.

I know because I've done it, I've helped other people do it, and once you see how simple and easy our system makes the whole process, you'll be surprised, amazed and chomping at the bit to get started on your own site.

But hey, why stop at $10,000 per month. Keep it going and build your business to 6 figures per month and beyond. I can show you multiple membership sites that are currently earning that kind of money, and it didn't take them long at all to get there!

Don't take my word for it though....

Click on the graphic to access a nifty little piece of software that will let you experiment with multiple membership site pricing scenarios, and you'll begin to have a greater understanding of exactly what is possible.




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We're Just Scratching The Surface Of The
FULL Profit Potential Here...

If you've been living anywhere near the US over the past year, you know the real estate market is in a steep decline.

Foreclosures are at an all time high, and home values are in the gutter. People who are trying to sell their homes in in a world of hurt, and simply out of luck.

In the online world, the exact opposite is true. The "Virtual Real Estate" market is booming at an all time high. People are literally banking millions buying and selling....or BUILDING AND SELLING virtual real estate.

Guess what kind of virtual real estate is the equivalent of southern California ocean front property? Yep, it's membership sites. Because of the recurring income model, these sites are valued at the top of the list for online properties and are bringing top dollar every single day at places like

It's not uncommon at all for a membership websites to easily command at least 3 times annual earnings.

Think about that for a minute.

Let's consider a site that has just 50 members at $27.95 per month. That's $1,397.50 per month or $16,770.00 per year. If you sold that site for 3 times annual earnings you would bank a cool $50,310.00! Not too bad for finding just 50 members willing to pay you less than 30 bucks a month.

Let's be conservative and say you just get 1 X annual earnings....that's still $16,770.00! How many times could you do that in a year?

Sounds ludicrous when you have not done it yet, but it is NO fantasy.

If this gets your blood pumping, then this approach could make you extremely wealthy in a very short period of time.

The more you begin to look at all the benefits owning a membership business, you'll discover that this business model clearly is the "Perfect Internet Business".

Let me share with you a few reasons why...

Top 10 Reasons Why Owning a Membership
Website is the Perfect Internet Business



Perfect Business Ingredient #1: RESIDUAL INCOME
Needless to say, this is one is my favorite! You make the sale one time and get paid over and over again, month after month, year after year. A nice, steady, predictable income. The benefits and sense of community your members receive from your site will be so amazing, that once they join, they stay loyal and keep paying you for the long term if you manage your site the way we teach you.

Perfect Business Ingredient #2: MASSIVE DEMAND
For any membership site to be successful you must appeal to people passionate about your topic. Well, they are out there by the millions! We'll show you where to find unlimited niche markets, all with massive followings of people starved for what you have to offer and ready to pay you handsomely for it.

Perfect Business Ingredient #3: LOW MAINTENANCE
Who needs to spend all day working on your business? This business takes just a few hour a week to maintain after you get everything up and running. Isn't that why we got into the internet marketing business in the first place? Enjoy the freedom to come and go as you please, spend more time with your family, playing golf, doing the things you love, and can even work in your underwear if you want! (Just make sure your Web Cam is turned off!)

Perfect Business Ingredient #4: NO INVENTORY
Did you really want to fill up your garage, your basement, or half your bedroom with a bunch of products that no one will every buy from you? I didn't think so. People join membership sites for information and community interaction.

Perfect Business Ingredient #5: NO EMPLOYEES
Avoid the cost, the hiring headaches, the training, the turnover…enough said. Although we will talk about outsourcing with virtual employees once your sites profits start to roll in. This is the quickest way to turn a 5 figure a month membership site into a 6 figure a month membership site.

Perfect Business Ingredient #6: NO SELLING
Just the thought of picking up the phone and making a cold call makes my skin crawl! The simple online marketing techniques we teach you will bring you all the members you could ever want! No need to “beat the streets” for this biz model.

Perfect Business Ingredient #7: RECOGNITION &   RELATIONSHIPS
See how good it feels to be widely respected and viewed as the expert within your niche. Develop relationships with a loyal following that will secure not only your expert positioning within the niche, but your financial future as well, if you play your cards right. The trust you build with members will provide many new future opportunities for your business, and your expert status will have other marketers approaching you with opportunities!

Perfect Business Ingredient #8: LOW-COST STARTUP
I know of no other business on the planet with such a low startup cost, or such an immediate and high rate of return. Membership software, a domain name, a hosting account, and a marketing strategy is all you need to turn your passion in to an income any doctor or lawyer would be envious of.

Perfect Business Ingredient #9: RAPID RETURN ON INVESTMENT
Rest assured, a successful membership site can out-perform anything else out there – despite “the economy”. Our system is so powerful that if you follow the system we lay out for you, you will be profitable and well on your way to your income goals within weeks. You can take your hobby, specialized knowledge or profession and turn it into an incredibly profitable membership site almost overnight.

Perfect Business Ingredient #10: DUPLICATABLE
Once you master our proven system for launching and growing your website into a profit pulling machine, what's stopping you from creating multiple membership sites across multiple niches. Just copy the same strategies and build yourself a membership site empire, that one day can be sold for millions of dollars....that is if you ever want to sell!

Truth is, in most businesses it’s hard to find a single one of these “perfect business ingredients”. (If you’re lucky you might get 3 or 4.) But guess what? I could list 10 more!


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Glaring Problem!...

You see, once most people hear about all these benefits of  running their own online membership site, they get all excited, jacked up, and motivated to give it a go...but then sadly most fall flat on their face.

They don't really know where to start, they don't know how to find the hungry, profitable markets, or the best way to set the whole thing up.

They realize that the software they need to run their site the right way is much more expensive than they originally expected, and even if they can afford it, they find that it takes a masters degree in software engineering to get it up and running.

Then, if they can ever make it through the technical setup of their site, they have to go out and shell out another pile of money to hire a graphic designer to create the look and feel of their site.

Finally, several thousand dollars and a lot of stress and headaches later, they have their professional, high dollar site set up, designed and ready to go. Then they realize 2 more very important ingredients are needed to make this whole thing work...content and members!

And they think, "Where in the heck am I going to find that?? 

They don't know where to turn, and have no idea how to properly promote their site without getting ripped off and going broke. They buy banner ads, pay per click advertising, run ads in the local newspaper. They try everything, but seem to be getting nowhere.

This is usually the point where frustration sets in.  One mistake leads to another...then another...then another. Months have gone by, thousands of dollars have been spent, and they still have not made money -- and they give up.

I've heard the stories time after time. In fact, I've actually made most of those same mistakes myself. So, I decided I was going to do something about it... 

I know how to generate 6 and 7 figures with these types of sites...and I know how you can easily  avoid all the pitfalls that usually stop people in their tracks before they ever get out of the starting gates.

I can show anyone that wants to learn EXACTLY what to do -- 

So about this time last year,  I set out on a mission to create the best Membership Training Program on the planet! 


The Pieces of the Puzzle Fall Into Place

As I had been hammering this out in my mind one day, my phone rang and it was my good friend and business associate Keith Baxter. Keith told me that he had been contacted earlier that same day by a mutual friend of ours (and now business partner), Don Bethune, who was so jacked up about something he had stumbled across, that he could barely control his excitement.

Seriously...that's exactly what Keith said. :-)

What Don had stumbled upon was a new piece of technology that had just been released, and that absolutely nobody knew about. It was a technology that served as a platform for membership sites...not just any old membership site though,...true Web 2.0 membership sites.

Keith said, "You know Scott, this changes everything."....and I knew at that moment that this was going to be the basis for that something special I had been planning.

The three of us have all owned membership sites that have collectively made millions of dollars...

So, there was no question in any of our minds about the power of this business model. We knew that 'continuity' was the name of the game. We also knew that now, by utilizing this new technology, the whole dynamic of membership sites was going to change and the early adopters were going to break the bank.

Dynamic and interactive websites had become all the buzz. Web 2.0 has taken over and sites like MySpace, YouTube, and FaceBook were the hottest things since sliced bread, and getting hotter by the day!

Now Don stumbles upon this insane new technology that combines the income earning power of eCommerce membership sites, with the mass appeal and viral promotion elements of Web 2.0, and Wah Lah...the "Perfect Internet Business Model" is born!

The three of us began working with the developer and CEO of the software company and his staff to make modifications and improvements that would transform an already incredible software platform, into the Perfect Membership Site software platform.

We drew from all of our individual experiences running million dollar membership sites, detailing exactly what drove profits through the roof, what we did wrong, and things we could improve upon. We consulted with other successful membership site owners and documented their top success strategies. We covered everything from A to Z, leaving absolutely no stone unturned.

We wanted to put together the Ultimate Training Package that would give you everything you need to get past that brick wall you keep beating your head against.

So we did...

The Relationship Income Private Coaching Program opened up earlier this year to a couple hundred lucky people who paid $2,000 each. We spent 8 weeks together, covering everything you would ever need to know for launching and running a wildly profitable membership site. We left no stone unturned. 

Once a week for 8 weeks, we all got together on a conference line, and covered the membership site business model from A to Z...everything from market research, member recruitment, and content list building, monetization, free and paid traffic strategies, site management, and member retention. 

And...we recorded EVERYTHING.

Now, those private recordings have been compiled together into one information packed training presentation, and for a limited time are yours for the taking! 

It's everything you need to transform yourself from frustrated internet happy, excited, and EXTREMELY prosperous online membership business owner! 

A Dream Come True

First, I want to let you know that this membership site is a dream coming true for me and my family.

I would not forsake this site for the world. I am so excited!

Neville Swaby

Today, we are ready to hand you the Ultimate Shortcut to a profitable online membership business.

Announcing the "Relationship Income
Membership Training Program" - The Ultimate No-Hassle Shortcut for Building a Sustainable, Long Term 6-7 Figure Income!

First of all, let me put your mind at ease by letting you know that...

You do NOT need ANY special technical skills whatsoever

You do NOT need ANY design skills

You do NOT need to be an SEO Genius

You do NOT need to have any "insider" connections or be friends with any of the "Gurus"

You do NOT have to be an internet marketing pro

You do NOT need to be an expert copywriter

You do NOT need to own a big opt-in list (As a matter of fact we are going to teach you exactly how to build your own massive list from which to fill up your membership site!)

You do NOT have to have any special audio/video multi-media skills

You do NOT have to have a big advertising budget (We will actually show you exactly how to send hoards of traffic to your site for FREE - You don't ever have to pay for a single visitor if you don't want to)

You do NOT have to have your own hosting account!!

You do NOT  even have to have a merchant account!!

As you can see, you don't have to be some super techno-nerd. All you need is a burning desire to succeed and willingness to follow our exact step-by-step action plan.


The most comprehensive and complete membership site training available on the internet...Ever!

It has been a great eight weeks! And I want to thank you Scott, along with Don and Keith, for offering the most comprehensive and complete membership site training available on the internet. Ever!

Relationship Income is the standard for membership site training on the Internet. And I am proud to be a member of your charter graduating class...

Malcolm and Sandy Dell

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Let's talk about 2 things...The Technology we recommend, and The Training you will receive.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: The Relationship Income Membership Training Program DOES NOT include any membership site software. All references are meant ONLY as recommendations.

First of all...

The Technology

Throughout this training program, you will hear us refer to a specifc software platform that we are now using for every membership site we build. This software platform contains an amazing amount of cutting edge technology that you will not find anywhere else in any other membership website platform, but...

... it is extremely easy to use, and perfectly built for Web 2.0.


While we recommend a particular software platform for running your new membership business, using it is NOT a requirement. The training program applies regardless of which membership software you choose to utilize. If you do choose to use our recommendation, as a RI customer, you will get a massive discount off the site setup, design and banner packages through our exclusive 'back door' link. Details will be supplied after purchase.

That being said, I want to give you some insight into why we strongly recommend this particular software platform...

Bottom just makes everything easy on you.

To tell you every detail of every feature and benefit involved with the software, I would need to write a novel, so instead I will simply list a few of the MANY killer features of this potent and powerfully profitable application:

Complete Integration and Easy Setup with or PayPal

Multiple Payment Options ( Free, Monthly, Yearly, Onetime, or Onetime + Monthly or Yearly)

Built in Free Trials ( 10, 14, 30 day, etc) - Great way to bring on new members!

Built in Unlimited Smart Auto Responders / Newsletters

Individual Member Blogs - This is HUGE for promoting member generated content!

Personal Member WebPages - This is HUGE for promoting member generated content!

Interactive Video Chat Rooms - Awesome Web 2.0 Capability!

Interactive Audio Chat Rooms - Awesome Web 2.0 Capability!

Free Built in Teleconferencing - Awesome Web 2.0 Capability!

Fully Integrated Multi-tiered Affiliate Program - You members will become your biggest promoters!

Custom Landing Page / Sales Letter Creation

Custom Admin Pages

Audio / Video Postcards - Amazing and Unique marketing tools!

Group Membership Calendar

Membership Task Manager

Communication System -  Member Forums and Private Sub Forums

Built in File Sharing - Members can share document, audio, or video files!

Restricted Limited Access Membership Capability with Easy Upgrade Capability

Member FAQ Section

Document Management Section

Group and Member Photo Galleries - Think FaceBook!

Mp3 Audio Galleries - Web 2.0!

Video Galleries - Your own Private YouTube!

Audio / Video Pod Cast Capability

Admin and Product Review Section - Great way to sell 3rd party products!

Built in Monetization Modules - Earn Income through advertising and affiliate programs!

Instant Coupon Code Creation

Built in Password Locking

Complete site-wide Google Analytics - Know exactly what your ROI is!

Keyword Level and Sub-ID tracking for PPC 

Member Polls

Full Membership Statistic Reporting

Full Newsletter / Auto responder Reporting

I-Frame inserts and Affiliate Blocks

This is just a sampling of what's available to you and your members, but I think you get the picture... No other membership site platform comes close.

Oh -- did I mention that this program very SEO friendly;-)? The way the sites are setup, they are completely search engine optimized.

Our testing has shown that these sites, including the main page and all sub-pages, get indexed very quickly and rank extremely well in the search engines with VERY little effort.

As a result, you will get a stream of natural traffic from the search engines. 

A Really Great Value!

Thank's for all the help and excellent advice that you are providing, the whole course, and everything that goes with it, is a really great value!

All the best,

Iain Dutton

What if you have lots of products
to sell your members?

No problem! You can handle all your eCommerce needs seemlessly through the built-in eCommerce system!

You can have a complete, fully functional eCommerce store with shopping cart that is fully integrated into your membership site. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities for your site, as you can imagine!

Just check out everything included with this powerful feature, designed for the most aggressive new business owners:

Features & Benefits List:

  • special pricing for products sold for limited and/or full members
    accept offline payment / checks

  • integrated with PayPal / PayPal Subscriptions

  • integrated with AuthorizeNet / AuthNet ARB (automatic recurring billing)

  • sell products with one time price or recurring price

  • assign admin access to groups or individual members

  • unlimited number of products / services

  • easy to use shipping schedules that do not require weight/size calculations

  • option to charge tax or not per product

  • custom thank you message per product sold - ideal for redirecting customers or selling electronic products with immediate downloads

  • integrated with the reviews application

  • full inventory control

  • product pages SEO friendly

  • add options to products that add to or subtract from the price

  • optional sale price

  • affiliate commission per product - two tier

  • recurring charge option with optional customer set trail period ideal for forced continuity

  • the ability for members to be "assigned" to products, ideal for selling products on consignment and giving your members a portion of the sale

  • shipping schedules that can be setup to specifically charge customers shipping to a specific state a different price

  • tax schedules that allow for multiple taxes, either country or state based

  • use custom web pages, homepage editors and auto responders to instantly insert products into pages or emails using product teasers or full products

  • simple navigation to maximize the number of completed orders

  • easy reorder / returning customer system

  • integration with auto responder module

  • integration with affiliate module

  • uses the secure domain for secure ordering -- a generic URL with no easy trace back to your site

  • quick e-commerce system - single page product system fully integrated with sales letters
    option to use group headers or not use group headers, to maximize people staying in the order system

Now, if you are one of the first 200 and manage to secure a copy of this program while it's available, here's a detailed look at the specialized training you'll receive:

The Training...

The training program was originally divided up into eight (8) thorough, action oriented training sessions, consisting of a combination of written, audio, and video training, and delivered over an 8 week period.

We have now consolidated all 8 weeks into one presentation for you, so that you can learn at your own pace. 

These comprehensive sessions walk you through every conceivable thing you will ever need to know about systematically building your membership site into a 5-figure per month online business.

We recommend that you take your time, and concentrate on one section at a time, taking good notes until you have a solid understanding of everything covered. If you try to cram too much information in your head at once, you'll just get overwhelmed and frustrated.

By concentrating on one aspect of growing your business per learning session, you will accomplish far more, and enjoy much greater success in a shorter period of time. 

Let's take look at what you can look forward to:

8 - Part

Intensive Membership Training Course


Training Module #1: Market Research - Selecting Your Niche

3 Step Relationship Income Niche Selection Process

Where to Easily Find Thousands of Profitable Niches With a Couple Clicks of your Mouse

The Niches to Stay Away From and Why

The 4 Key Elements of All Profitable Niches

Dozens of Hot Profitble Niches Revealed

Killer Brainstroming Excercise that will Insure that you Zero in on Your Perfect Niche

Why "Collectors" Can Cause Piles of Cash to Collect in your Bank Account

Event Driven and Seasonal Niche Mega Mistakes

Where Rabid Groups of People in Every Niche Under the Sun Congregate, and How to Lead Them to Your Site.

Training Module #2: Recommended Membership Site Platform

An Inside Look at the Technology from The Developer and CEO of the Sofware Platform

The Massive Advantage of Web 2.0 Membership Sites vs Traditional Membership Site Software

Why Dynamic and Interactive Membership Platforms Are the Wave of the Future

An Upclose Look at the Various Applications and Flexibility Within the Software Platform

How the Pricing is Geared Toward Your Guaranteed Profitability

The Awesome SEO Characteristics of the Software Platform

Dedicated vs Shared Hosting Options - How and When to Choose

Lots more....

Training Module #3: Content Creation

Why Everyone's Biggest Worry is Actually The EASIEST Part of the Membership Equation

How to Quickly be Viewed as the Expert in Any Niche

Simple Method of Creating a Non-Stop Stream of Niche Related Content Flowing Daily Into Your Inbox

How to Legally Steal Your Competition's content

An Endless Supply of Video Content for Your Membership Site

Offline Content Goldmines

Little Known Google Tools and Tricks for Finding an Endless Supply of Content.

Best Tool on the Planet for Creating High Quality Video Content on the Fly

Where to Find Content Experts Who are Eagerly Waiting to do Interviews with You

How Much Content You Must Have to Launch Your Site - This Will Surprise You

Content Creation Outsourcing Secrets

Why Your Members are Your BEST Source of Content Creation

Training Module #4: Pricing Strategies and Monetization

How to Properly Monetize Affiliate Programs and JV Deals Within Your Site

The Best Contextual Ad Programs From Which to Earn BIG Money - Yes, There's Better Choices than Google!

Backend Sells, Cross Sells, and Upsells

How Integrating an eCommerce Store Within Your Membership Site Could Make You a Windfall

What Kind of Products You Should be Offering to Your Member Base

Mega Powerful Recruitment Strategy Using Teaser Copy

Low Price vs High Price vs Free Membership Sites - What you Must Consider

Effective, Profitable (and Ethical) Use of Forced Continuity

Utilizing Multiple Membership Levels

Use of Free Trials to Boost Membership

Physical Product Incentives to Skyrocket Annual Paid Memberships

Training Module #5:Website Promotion - List Building

Why it is Crucial that You Immediately Begin List Building...Before Lauching Your Site

Our Favorite Methods of Building Highly Responsive Prospect Lists FAST

Proper Use of Viral Reports and Viral List Building Software (Yours FREE)

How Controversy Can Quickly Build A Loyal Following of Devoted Fans...and Customers

Using the Software Platform's Built In Newsletter Feature to Build Massive Prospect Lists

Advanced List Building Strategies from a Master List Builder - Special Live Interview

Training Module #6: Website Promotion - Social Media

The Most Powerful FREE Traffic Generating Strategies EVER Revealed

The "Double Whammy" = Flood of Visitors and High Page Rank

Truths and Misconceptions About Web 2.0 Marketing

Detailed Blueprint for Creating an Unstoppable Mass Traffic Funnel

Site to Focus Your Efforts Upon, and Sites to Ignore

How a "Carnival" Can Bring Thousands of Visitors to Your Membership Site

The #1 Web 2.0 Traffic Strategy and the Right AND Wrong Way to Do it

Why Social Bookmarking Doesn't Equal Lots of Traffic, and Why Social Voting Does

The Power of Wiki and Answer Sites

The Top 3 Pure Social Networking Sites Where you Must Concentrate your Efforts

Importance of Controvercy, Creepiness, and Weirdness in Social Marketing

Article Sites That Can Send You Piles of Rabid Customer and that Will Even PAY you!

Training Module #7: Website Promotion - Paid Advertising

Insider Mass Traffic Secrets of the Big Internet

Our Personal Traffic Blueprint Strategy That We Apply to Every New Site We Launch

Sinister Method of Using Interstitials Within the Monster Ad Networks - This is the Million Dollar Secret Behind Pay Per View Success that you Will NEVER Hear Anyone Talk About!

The Right Way and Wrong Way to use Co-Reg

A Different, More Profitable Approach to Dominating With Google Adwords

Top Strategies For Blanketing The Internet with Videos Promoting Your Membership Site

The Most Effective Services to Use for Mass Press Release and Article Promotion

The Top Ad Broker Resources on the Web - To Take Your Business To An Entriely New Level of Market Domination

Quick, Easy, and Effective Shareware tactics

A Mile Long List of Super Effective Advertising Resource that You've Most Likely Never Heard Of

Training Module #8: Site Management & Retention Strategies

The Right Way to Utilize Partnerships for Content

The Importance of Fresh, Continually Updated Content, and how to Never Have to Worry About It

How to Get Hundreds of People Working for You for Free

The Right Way to Outsource and the Collaboration Software You Must Use to Manage Your Workers

Golden Handcuffs - The #1 Most Powerful Retention Strategy. Use it and Members Couldn't Leave...Even if they Wanted to!

Why you Must Incorporate Systems into Your Business, and Why Not Doing So Can Cause Fast Failure

Effective Use of Incentive to Reward Long Standing Members and Insure They Never Leave

Why it is SO Important to Continually Incorporate "Anticipation" Into Your Member Content and Messages

Powerful Survey Strategies for Membership Retention

The "Tip of the Week" Strategy that Keeps your Members Begging for More!

Exit Strategies for Cashing Out and Laughing all the way to the Bank

Bonus Training Module: 

(Prior Coaching Clients have called this Bonus Training Module one of the most powerful 50 min sessions they have ever heard!)

We grilled one of the internet's most successful membership site owners, and had him give us the down and dirty on the specific tactics and strategies he has used over the years to rake in millions of dollars across numerous niches....most of which have nothing to do with internet marketing or 'making money'. 

We were amazed at what we learned! This was stuff the 3 of us had never even heard of before.

This module alone is easily worth twice the price of this entire training program.

As you can clearly see, this training program delivers the goods! Every tip, tactic, and strategy that we have personally used to consistently bank fat paychecks month after month, after month has been included.

If you just take action, and use even a fraction of what we teach you in this program, there is no doubt in my mind that you'll start to experience the same, amazing results that we have been so blessed over the years to experience.

So What's It All Going to Cost?

Well, let me ask you this...

What would it be worth to you to wake up whenever you wanted every morning, and know that you didn't have to deal with a nightmare commute,  skyrocketing gas prices,  a jerk boss, or just a mindless, unrewarding dead end J.O.B.?

What would it be worth to know that you were finally doing what you loved to do, and were making more money than you ever thought possible?

I'll tell you this right now with 100% conviction...

It's NOT a pipe dream!

It's reality for those who have the knowledge and take action.

We are handing you the knowledge....all you have to add is the action.

Make no mistake, this level of training is easily worth thousands of dollars. I mean, would you trade $10,000 for a $100,000/yr income? I don't know of anybody who wouldn't! only takes 1 measly member per day....paying you $27.95 to equal a
6 figure income. Think about it....that's as good as it gets!

As mentioned previously, this program has only been available to a select few private coaching clients, and each of those clients paid $2,000 to be a member.

And unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you recently received an inbox full of messages about another continuity program that was just released....teaching very similar information. The price of that program? $397 down, plus $397/mo for 6 months.

And you know what?....That's a fantastic deal!

But we've decided to do something unprecedented for a select group of people who are ready to make it happen....but who could use a break.

This is a physical product that we'll ship to your doorstep, but we only had 200 copies made, and once they are gone...they are gone for good. We won't be offering anymore.

Ok, here's the deal...

For the first 200 who raise your hand and say...Heck YES! I'm ready to make it happen, and nothing is going to stop me!...

We'll send you the entire training program for one payment of only...

(*plus shipping costs)

We want to send you the entire Relationship Income Membership Training Program so that you can study everything, and put the tactics and strategies into action.

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If You Follow Through With Our Complete 8 Part Training and Easy to Follow Action
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What I'm about to say to you, I sincerely believe to be 100% true with 100% conviction.

When you take action on the information learned in the Relationship Income Membership Training Program, following the exact step-by-step success blueprint that we lay out for you...then you will forever look back on today as the day that changed everything.

You will look at today as the day that put you on the path to the level of income and type of lifestyle that you have always dreamed of...BUT wondered if you would ever really experience.

This is a business model that will allow you to live life on your terms if you simply follow our proven blueprint.

Listen, you can search and search, but I'm going to tell you right now, (and I'll state my reputation on my words)...You will not find a better opportunity to launch a successful online business than what you are being offered right here, right now.

I want to help you get "unstuck", and move into a new career path that will make your more money and brings you more enjoyment than you have ever imagined possible. I promise you, it is now within your grasp.

It won't take months to start reaping the rewards either.

We are going to put you on the fast track to a full time income, and if you follow the plan, there is no reason why you won't start earning in a matter of days, and be positioned to explode your profits in a matter of weeks.

I know that you've had opportunities in the past that didn't play out the way you had planned, and I know that despite your best efforts, there's a very good chance you may have not yet been able to produce any kind of real, substantial online income with an online business.

I want to give you the training to change that for you once and for all.

Is it going to be a walk in the park and happen overnight?

No, absolutely not.

In case you haven't figured it by now, there are no magic money pills you can take, or magic wealth buttons you can push that will move you into the penthouse overnight, unless of course you are the 1 in 82,755,372 that draws a winning lotto ticket. Not very likely.

But it CAN happen in a very short period of time...and it WILL happen if you can just get your hands on the right formula. Like I said, I've done it and trust me, if I can do it, God knows....ANYBODY can do it.

This Has Been Street Tested And Battle Proven
For Your Success!


"Relationship Income is, without a doubt, the BEST money I have ever spent on an internet related product!"


Relationship Income is, without a doubt, the BEST money I have ever spent on an internet related product!

The platform is outstanding and has everything you need to run a membership site.

The knowledge and experience of our three mentors, Scott Boulch, Keith Baxter and Don Bethune, was remarkable. I learned so much from the three of you, on the calls and in the forums. So thanks so much for that.

The atmosphere of the training was at once relaxed and professional. I felt like I was just hanging out at my kitchen table taking notes while the three of you talked right there with me.



The Relationship Income Membership Training program is based on street tested experience, trial and error, blood sweat and tears, and hard core dedication and man hours. 

>It is now YOURS for the taking. Don't miss out on your chance for real online success!

As Benjamin Disraeli once said, "One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes." Your opportunity is HERE now... are you ready?

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Yours in Success,

Scott Boulch